Maandelijkse archieven: mei 2017

Create your own dreamjob

At thenextweb conference I interviewed several former students of the Amsterdam University of applied sciences about their career and spoke educators and Entrepreneurs about dream jobs, education and social networks. I spoke Mark Randall(Chief Strategist of Adobe) about creating a … Lees verder

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Entrepreneurship conference Cork 3E2017

This week I went to the 3E2017 Conference in Cork to share some insights about entrepreneurial education with my colleagues from all over the world. I hosted two workshop with my lector Ingrid Wakkee about “Graduating in your own company” … Lees verder

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Conducting interviews at Greenclaim

This wednesday I was visiting Greenclaim to interview a couple of their employees about the way they use their social network for the company. I did the same at the facility of Mr Prezident on Thursday. So now I’ve got some … Lees verder

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