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Finishing my first draft of my third article

Today I started with the last interpretations of the data I gathered for the third article of my thesis. At the end of the weekend I want to deliver a first draft to my promotor and within the next week I will discuss this draft with him and make a plan to deliver the thesis by the end of this year.
For the interpretation of the data I used the tool MaxQda that was provided by the university. A student of the university put the nine interviews I made into text files and I imported all these data into MaxQda. In this tool I was able to label the most important quotes of the employees. I used labels like: Online relatives, cooperation among members, associability to collective goals, bussines contacts, five different labels for building trust, etc…

The quotes of the employees were used to draw conclusions about the way employees of former student entrepreneurs used their network in favor of their company and how the former student entrepreneur was able to motivate his employees to do so.