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Vlog8 working on my thesis

Posted on | januari 22, 2017 | No Comments

I recorded my vlog during the first time I was ice skating in the open. This week I worked on my thesis by reading a couple of articles for inspiration and thinking about the definition of my contribution to the literature of the development of social networks.
– I came to the conclusion that the combination of studying and starting a business isn’t ideal as long as the student doesn’t choose for the development of his business. Weak ties won’t commit themselves to student entrepreneurs who haven’t put their company on the first place.
– Student entrepreneurs who sticked to their launching costumer and couldn’t find another customer were bound to fail and in some cases became employees of their first client because of their skills.
– Students that were able to build a diverse clientbase convinced weak ties to commit themselves to their startup and gained legitimacy by doing so. Winning awards and taking care of free publicity helped them further.
– An important difference compared to non student entrepreneurs is the goodwill factor. The student entrepreneurs that were able to consolidate contacts won over by goodwill in the first instance were able to survive on the long term.
– Another factor of great importance was the fact that student entrepreneurs dared to ask for help. Because they were no thread to the parties they asked for help, this open mindset of nothing left to loose was important at the start of their adventure.
– Therefore the attitude of the student entrepreneurs also was important. Those students that received help from their strong ties(family and friends) in the first fase of the development of their start-up, but did’nt dare to connect to unknown parties didn’t survive in the long run.
– The fact that the students got workshops about building a social network was not enough for everybody to actually do it. The fact that their study also was important for them and needed time investment made them doubtfull and unable to convince external parties.


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